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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Over night oats!!!

Over night oats are simple and easy for when you are in a hurry and on the go!

Usually, I don't have that much time to sit down and enjoy a nice breakfast, especially now that school has started up again! But now, I have the best quickie option for everyone, Over Night Oats !!!
It may look like a parfait to some, gross to others, and delicious to few ... Let me tell you though, it was a hallejujah moment when I ate it this morning!! 

-----get some chia seeds, THEY'RE BIG IN FIBER, and it's NATURAL! So put away your fiber chewies and eat the good stuff! 

I massed up one banana ( my mom told me to use the bananas bc they were going a little brown ) 
So I massed one banana with about 1/4 cup of chai seeds ( which also expand to any liquid that is mixed with it ) and I added 4 TBS of liquid egg whites and A LOT of cinnamon ( this mixture was all in a desperate bowl) 

I than took 1/4 cup of oats, added them to the bottom of my jar, added a few TBS of the chai/nana/whites concoction and added another 1/4 cup of oats and than the rest of the concoction ontop! 

Put that baby in the fridge and went to sleep :)
In the morning, I took the lid off and popped it in the microwave for about 1:00 ( my microwave is pretty powerful ) . 
I took it out, ( everything expanded) and than I popped the lid back on...

Got ready for work and class... And than I took it in my car with it and enjoyed :)

It tasted like a warm, delicious treat!

Enjoy and let me know what you think :) 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mangia pizza & restaurant

Hey! So, if anybody is ever in the Riverdale Nj area.. I definitely recommend a nice Italian pizza and restaurant place, Mangia.

They have a few other locations.. Another one is held in Mawwah

Anyway! I love this place in Riverdale!

They have such a wonderful staff who recognize you just from being tere a handful of times! 
They are a staff full of people pleasers, and boy do they sure fit the part! 

I wok over at Weight Watchers in the same complex. Whenever I call to order my meal from them they are terrifically friendly on the phone, I like that.

If you're friendly to me, I will be friendlier to you! ( one of my MANY mottos ;) ) 

Anyway, as you know, I tend to eat towards the clean food lifestyle.

I usually order a tossed salad, that comes with a beautiful arrangement of vegetables in it. It's not like your pizzeria salads where they only serve you iceberg lettuce ( no nutritional value) and maybe some cherry tomatoes ( if your lucky ) . :/ At Mangias, I am surprised and instantly happy when I open up my salad container every.single.time.
:0 how you like them apples? 

They also have delicious wraps! I usually get the veggie wrap, on whole wheat. It comes with grilledportobellos  mushrooms, sautéed red pepper and mushrooms with cheese ( I usually ask for no cheese) all in a homemade balsamic dressing, mm mmm gooood! :)  And even though I tend to eat clean, doesn't mean the average person likes to. You know a place has excellent quality tasting food when they have a person eat there who only eats healthy food. Chances are if they have excellent healthy food, the "good stuff" is going to taste ten times better! ;) ;) ;) 

Homemade tiramisu ! How nice is he?!

Too bad that I won't eat it :/ 
( not because of it being dessert, I'm not a tiramisu kind of girl! )
I rather waste my calories for the day to set my goals. Now maybe if it was chocolate cake... ;) 

Pete hooked me up with an awesome spice kick to my salad today!! Thanks Pete! ( Pete owns the Mangias! )
He started when he was 19 and is now 27, talk about responsibility!

Yay time to eat this awesome lunch :) 


Life is about balance

^ Tony Robbins explains it all

Friday, August 16, 2013

Chocolate on my mind

Who doesn't love a good piece of chocolate? 
Maybe a tiny piece of a plain Hershey bar or a bit bite of a creamy, dark chocolate with warm peanutbutter inside of it, that when you bite into it, the peanutbutter and chocolate combination makes you feel all warm inside :) 
Well, that's how I feel at least, especially when I eat something that I know that isn't good for my body, but it tastes too good to resist, a piece of chocolate that tastes sinfully good. 

Well, that's exactly what I wanted! Chocolate that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Except for me, I want it to be healthy, good for my skin and body somewhat nutritious, with minimal ingredients ( have you READ the ingredient list on a Reese's bar? Smh ) 

I love a good challenge.
^ and I love himym ;) 

So I did it people! 
I made a cleaneats,no processed food.. "FREESES CUP" 
Bare minimum ingredients were used to create this master piece...

You will need:
-cupcake pan with cupcake holders 
-pot for cooking and spoon for stirring 
- unrefined unpressed coconut oil
-bakers unsweetened chocolate bars
-almond butter ( only ingredient,almonds)
-vanilla extract
-love :) 

- First you want to set aside your cupcake pan with the cupcake foils inside them so they are ready for you when you need them! 
- Next, Heat on the stove on medium heat
- Put your pot on the heat and add two TBS of the oil. 
-Stir oil with a spoon
- Have the oil get a little bubbly and heated enough but DO NOT have it brown!!! 
-Next, add the bakers chocolate ( 1 square or the whole box! ) ( the more chocolate squares you add, add 1/2 TNS or oil ) 
- Mix the oil and the chocolate with a spoon on a lower heat setting 
- Next, you can add as much stevia as you like! ( it's a zero calorie sweetener AND it's made from a plant! ) 
#natural and #winning! 
* the sweeter the better ;) 
- Next, add in some drops of vanilla extract for flavoring ( one or two ) 
- Now take the pot of chocolate off of the stove.. No need to cool or it will harden!
- Next, you want to take your cupcake pan (with the foils in there )and add a TBS of your chocolate mixture to each foil ( or however much you would like to add , just remember you are going to add a layer of the almond butter like a sandwich , so you will want room )
- After you have your chocolate all divided, add a TBS of almond butter to each cup
- Pop them in the freezer for 15 minutes
- Take them out after 15 minutes and add your top layer of chocolate ( you will need to reheat the chocolate mixture ) 
- Add the finished product to the fridge for 2 hours.
-Eat after dinner, or for a snack and ENJOY YOUR "FREESES CUPS " :) 

* if you don't have all the time to make, and you just want a chocolate fix, add all of the ingredients together WITH the almond butter while heating in the pot. 
This option is faster and will still give you a peanut butter taste as well as the chocolate, the only difference is it the almond butter will not be in the center. 

** another tip, you do NOT have to add almond butter in the middle.. Get creative! Add some strawberry jam, coconut, peanutbutter, just make it a clean treat! :) 

Comment and let me know what you guys think!
Also, this Does contain fat. But it is all good fat that will not raise your cholesterol levels like say a Hershey, Reese's , snicker or any other candy will. 
My ingredients are not here to make you fat , tired, angry, or full of unwanted chemicals that harm your body! 

Enjoy and let me know what you guys think! 


Thursday, August 8, 2013

sugar, go away!

Hello everyone!
So, I'm not too sure about eating dairy, and if it is considered to be "clean" or not.

I suppose if I were to buy organic milk, than that would be considered "clean", or if I were to buy "natural" yogurt, that would be considered "clean" as well.

You may ask yourself, what is a "clean" diet like?
Everyone seems to have their own definition of "clean" eating. Some people consider it just being that you consume dairy, veggies, protein, complex carbs, fruit and water.

Well, you see, there is A LOT more to eating "clean" than you think!

To begin, there are many food products that get away with being "clean", because the product may have a "whole wheat" food label onto of the packaging, or maybe the food product will read the words "all natural ingredients", so people may assume that this food product is good for them.
There is more truth to all of this than you may think, boys and girls.

Have you ever actually read your ingredients in the food you are eating?
What is aspartame? ( its horrible for youre body, look it up. )
Why is my bread that I am buying at the super market made with high frutose corn syrup ( sugar that is bad for you. ).

Its time to get smart about the ingredients you are putting into your body!!
I know, I know, to many of you who are just starting out on your clean eating journey, you may think that reading the ingredient list is now an extra item on your todo list, but in all honesty, not trying to be dramatic, but you are saving you, and your loved one or ones lives by looking at that ingredient list. Chances are, you will not know what half of the ingredients are that you are consuming on the regular.
And if you think you do know what something is, but you still might wonder about it, please, LOOK IT UP. Chances are you will be really informed and very SHOCKED about what the food companies are getting away with to put into our food products.

anyway, sorry for this off rant that I just had!
any who, let me let you know what my CLEAN EATING is....
clean eating to me, is eating any food in its natural, purist form that it was grown or killed for ( i like meat. )
If a food product has more than a handful of ingredients in it, chances are I will not put it in or around my mouth. :0

and you know what, I honestly feel as if I am born again on earth once I started eating clean!
good bye nasty head aches, food comas, sugar rushes, addicting like behaviors, and so much more!

Food additives ( ingredients and chemicals that are added to our food to hold it together) should not exist! If i have to eat something that is made from chemicals, I should not be eating that!!

so, finally back to dairy, I was reading my moms greek yogurt nutrition label...
and I was looking at the sugar content, 21grams of sugar, doesnt seem like too much.
Yet, it is 21 grams of sugar OUT OF the 25 grams of carbs, 21 OF THOSE CARBS ARE PURE SUGAR.
that is not healthy for you!!!!
You can find better, natural ways to consume vitamin D ( if thats why you need to get your greek yogurt )
Sugar is addicting, its like crack, and you ALWAYS will want and crave more.

clean it up and out of your diet people, see what happens.

peace and love

and goodnight hugs!

jenny lo

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I am a warrior!

Hey everyone!!!!
I haven't been on the blog in way too long :/ but here I am! 
Life sometimes gets in the way of things for me. One thing I need to really start working on is my balancing skills. 
I need to know how to balance time for my family, friends, school work, homework, spiritual mediation, my boyfriend, my pets and MY SELF!!!!!
How does everyone make time for all of this stuff? 
( side note, it would be really cool if people could post some balancing life strategies on here to really help a girl out!!!! ) 

Aside from my life and me becoming organized ... I wanted to say how I absolutely had THE BEST SATURDAY EVER!!!! 
For all of you warriors out there, hello. For anyone who doesn't know what or who a warrior is... IT'S ME! 

This Saturday I took place in a wonderful race called The Warrior Dash! It was a 3.5 mile long haul run, with 6 different obstacles that kept you constantly working hard. The obstacles consisted of jumping over fire ( sounds bad ass ) , climbing over beams and rock walls, swimming through a lake, army crawling under barb wire in the mud, running trough mud and a lot more awesome things!!! It was an absolute blast and such an awesome workout. 
I came in 100th place for my age group out of 2,000 ... I suppose that's not too bad?!!!  
The minute I crossed the finish line to my parents and family members who were there to support, I knew I had to do more of these races more often. I immediately got addicted to the thrill! 

This is the whole group of us after the warrior dash... Sooo muddy!!! ( I'm the one girl with my eyes closed -_- ) 

But it was soo much fun! 

* if you're a person who gets bored with working out, and the thought of running a 5k or mile is too boring to you, I advise and HIGHLY recommend that you partake in a warrior dash, color run , tough mudder , spartan race, or the  zombie run! I am SURE you can look online to find many other fun activities that aren't boring to do!!!

Working out doesn't always have to be weights, and your usual treadmill cardio type. As long as you are moving, making some resistance and your heart is thumping, you are working out babes!!! 

Peace and love 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bunny hop to a healthier lifestyle!

Woooo! Can I just say how much energy I have this morning?! Two weeks of clean eating is bananas!! It's absolutely crazy how much energy I have in the gym this morning. I missed out on leg day two days ago because I was sick, took two days off to rest and now I am back and better than ever!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Body Image & eating disorders

we are going to discuss how attaining a healthy body weight has to be balanced with a message about developing a healthy body image, setting realistic goals, and maintaining emotional well-being.
I am also going to briefly go over our society's obsession with thinness and dieting and eating disorders. 
shit is going to get real homie.

first of all, lets just give the media a big FUCK YOU for brain washing us all int believing what is beautiful, what looks good and what doesnt,what may or may not be the latest trends, what is "best" for us, and what goes.
I may get a little off topic for a moment, but that is only because I do not understand who the fuck decided that dolce and gabbana was going to say that a brown bag on my leg is going to be the next big thing ( this didnt really happen, but lets go with it for the point ). WHO THE FUCK made him the man, the one to call the shots? What if my out of wack fashion sense is just as fucking good as his own, I just have to rock the confidence and be able to make a few shirts, know my fabrics and shit, im a fashion designer. The advertising industry and the media are relentless in selling the American consumer an image of the ideal body, and many of us buy into WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY ARE SELLING!!!!! FUCK YOU MESSAGE OF THE MEDIA for being so fucking powerful.
oh, us poor souls who don't have the back bone to fucking not give two cares.
but, for all you out there who enjoy being told what to do and what to wear and how to look, it may or may not be effecting you emotionally, mentally, and physically, so stop! 

alright, so, just like all ideas, values, attitudes and beliefs, body image is the mental representation that a person has of his or her own body, including perceptions, attitudes, thoughts, and emotions----- all which are strongly influenced by culture.

lets take females.
The female body is portrayed by the media as an object of desire, and this beautiful objectification reinforces women's focus on their appearance.
the lovely media ( said with heavy sarcasm ) place a heavy emphasis on women's physical attributes rather than on their abilities, performance, or accomplishments.
since the 1950s,what is held to be the ideal female body in US culture has been getting thinner and thinner. Can we really keep up?

Yes, I get that now we have research on healthy body weight and obese, but, marilyn monroe was curvy, healthy, and beautiful. 

 * studies have shown that after women view media images of thin women, they are less satisfied with their own bodies than they are after viewing images of AVERAGE sized women.

this really scared me. 
eating disorders are most likely to develop during adolescence. 
this is because the hormonal change that happens in the females body causes increase in body fat, especially on the hips, buttocks, and thighs. 

if you or anyone you know has an eating disorder, or you believe they may, here are a few symptoms and characteristics of one.. 
Certain characteristics or thought patterns associated with eating disorders, including:
  • Low self-esteem
  • Self-critical attitude
  • Belief in the importance of thinness
  • Black-and-white thinking
  • Feelings of emptiness
  • Need for power and control
  • Difficulty expressing feelings
  • Lack of coping skills
  • Lack of trust in self or others
  • Perfectionism 
Anorexia is due to starvation, anorexia carries the highest death rate of all psychiatric diagnoses.  to the left is a picture of how it effects each part of your body.

Bulimia is another eating disorder that can also be deadly.
 < not all of these will be present in all people with the disease

VALUE yourself based on your GOALS,TALENTS, & STRENGTHS
rather than your body shape or weight.

How to treat a eating disorder :
  • First step: Recognize problem
  • Effective treatment 
  • Therapeutic therapies ( I will make a separate blog for this! ) 
  • multidisciplinary 
  • multimodality team
  • Possible hospitalization
  • Once weight has been stabilized, the next phase is behavioral modifications through:
  • Psychotherapy
  • Behavior relearning and modification
  • Nutritional rehabilitation and education 
  • Medication

This next disorder is for my fellas as well as my ladies, but it is found more with the male than females!

Body Dysmorphic Disorder :

  • Preoccupation with an imagined concern about a slight defect or exaggerated defect in appearance
  • Preoccupation causes significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning
  • Other concerns related to this disorder are:
  • Muscle Dysmorphia (obsession with muscle building) .. i may make a small blog for this disorder!
-try going a week without making any critical comments about your body- or anybody else!


Since I am a college student, this blog about sleep was a must have topic for me!

We as humans spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping!

Now, according to a study,
individuals with severe sleep deprivation ( staying awake 19-24 hrs ) scored worse on performance and alertness tests than people who are legally too drunk to drive (0.1 % )

Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation:

  • day time drowsiness
  • sleepy while reading
  • sleepy while watching tv
  • if you fall asleep the instant your head hits the pillow ( a well rested person only takes 15/20 minutes to fall asleep)
NREM sleep ( non rapid eye movement ) 75% of sleep time
  • stage 1- relaxed/ half awake (10 sec-10 mins)
  • stage 2- brain activity slows, you stop moving (10-20 mins) beginning of your actual sleep
^ - people awaken during these two stages say that they weren't really sleeping
  • stage 3/4- blood pressure drops, heart rate and respiration slow, blood to brain shorten (20-40 mins)
^- people awaken in stage 4 feel groggy,  your in a "deep sleep"

REM sleep ( rapid eye movement ) 70-90 minutes after falling asleep
  • breathing and heart rate go up
  • brain activity is similar if you were awake
  • experience first dream ( although you can in all stages )
  • no muscle tone
  • body can't move
  • ideas are filed in long term storage
- if you sleep for 8 hours, your body cycles 5 times in the sleep cycle of NREM & REM

- memory may be impaired if sleep time is insufficient, as a result to memory impairment, the ability to learn new skills is also impaired. performance in learning a new skill does not improve until an individual has had 6 hours of sleep; performance improves even more after 8 hours of sleep!
things to remember when trying to get a good nights rest!
  1. ideal sleep temperature is 62-65, temps above 75 and below 54 cause people to awaken
  2. caffeine doubles sleep time
  3. take no longer than 45 minutes of naps, you'll enter stage 4 of deep sleep and it will be more difficult to wake you up and you will feel more groggy
  4. 7-9 hours of sleep a night is ideal for optimal health and growth 
Email me if you have any questions and need help on falling asleep and how to get a propers nights rest!
hope you were somewhat informed!!

Protein... because the natural way is gooood

Here is a giant shout out to all those protein shake companies who have the buyers fooled into thinking that their products are health beneficial to our bodies!! Please, do not get my words mixed up.
Protein shakes WILL give you bulk-age.
Protein shakes WILL shorten your life.

Yes, you read it correctly, SHORTEN YOUR LIFE.

Now now now.Protein shakes are made for your body to put on the added weight, and they do put on the added weight you want to obtain, but, they are also adding toxic to your intestine.
Anything that says " amino acids added" is BAD for you.
Your body NATURALLY will take the amino acids from food and NATURALLY break it down.
If you consume any products that take away that natural function of the body, your body can't break it down.
But its already broken down jenna, why does it mess up your intestines?
well, my little minions ,   because your body can't naturally go through its natural process to take and break down the amino acids from the food, everything just sits and stays in your intestines.
which, in the long run, is staying right where it started.
So yes, you are adding weight to your body, but the weight you are adding is actually harming your body rather than helping it.
Just because your results are helping you on the outside and you are looking fit and fab, DOES NOT mean that your insides are fit and fab as well.

....and if you don't care about your over all body outside AND in than, DONT READ MY BLOG, because i believe and know that good health is all about mental, physical, and emotional, all inside and out body functions!
... now back to my topic!

stay smart, save your money on the supplements and eat the real thing!
buy natural chicken, meat and fish and double up on your intake to increase lean muscle mass, or muscle mass in general. ( aa-duhhhh!)
This will not only save you money on supplements,but down the road when they realize you need a liver transplant from not being able to break down any food and cause of build up, you wont have to pay thousands of dollars to get the surgery, instead, you'll hear via facebook how that one idiot friend DID NOT LISTEN, they just wanted the fast approach, well guess whose laughing at your now stupid rabbit, all of the turtles who took the time, had patience to get their results, and thought about the smart, healthier way to add on muscle mass! :) ;)

**Keep in mind about protein**

1. if you eat meat, you wont have to worry about getting all your amino acids or b-12 vitamins!
2.protein helps with our pH balance (acid balance)
3.if you eat meat, you absorb 90% of the proper protein and nutrients your body needs to survive.
  if you take supplements and chemicals, your body only absorbs 20%
4.excess protein, harmful on kidney stones
5. acts as a buffer, regulates body functions
6. very important for immune system
7. building blocks for hormones

If you want to figure out how much protein you should be getting, here is a basic equation to figure out your daily amount!

 body weight/ 2.2 x .8 ( this is for the average person who doesn't work out )

if you do work out, and be true to how intense you work out, here is the rank of low intensity to high

so, say you work out a lot at your highest efforts, and your weight was 190 lbs. your equation would look like this :
190 / 2.2 = 86.36
86.36 x 1.8 = 155.5 grams of protein daily!!!

You should be having protein with every meal and or snack!

Proteins help control glucose in the body, storing glucose in the body after working out.
so,you should always team up carbs with protein.

- apple and cheese/ apple and peanut butter
- steak and brown rice

Tips for the herbivore eaters out there : 

plant sources dont contain all the amino acids for the body ( incomplete proteins )
take two or more and come up with the amino acids to form one , eat beans and rice ( complementary proteins )